Barn Cinema Oct 23: Dark Themes – But Hope Shines Through!

Barn Cinema October 2023

Dark themes – but hope shines through!

A Haunting in Venice

This month Timothy Spall brings us Bolan’s Shoes, unpacking the childhood trauma that follows a bus crash, (and the power of uplifting music); Kenneth Branagh returns with A Haunting in Venice, his third – and spookiest – Poirot mystery as he debunks a séance; And Then Come the Nightjars explores the culling of a herd of cows during the Foot and Mouth Epidemic of 2001; Oppenheimer details the origins of the Atom bomb; and Sound of Freedom calls us to fight child trafficking. Are these films grim viewing? Sometimes, but hope shines through!

There are also upbeat tales: Chevalier is based on the true story of the son of a slave and a plantation owner who wins over French society by being an accomplished violinist, composer and fencer; Theater Camp is a Mockumentary of how some eccentric American teachers and peculiar children overcome the odds to put on a musical, despite their director falling into a coma; and AngelHeaded Hipster is a documentary about making an album of covers celebrating the life of Marc Bolan, with archive footage so you can Get it On with The Jeepster like in 1971.

Finally, to celebrate 100 years of Disney there are some classic animations; the original Toy Story, The Princess and The Frog, and a sing-along of Frozen. Go on ‘Let it Go!

1st October: 2 pm Toy Story (PG), 4pm Theater Camp (12A), 6pm Oppenheimer (15)

8th October: The Princess and the Frog (U), 4pm Chevalier (12A), 6.30pm The Sound of Freedom (15)

15th October: 2.30pm Frozen (PG), 5pm And Then Come the Nightjars (15), 7pm The Sound of Freedom (15)

22 October: 2.30pm Theater Camp (12A), 4.30pm A Haunting in Venice (subtitled), 7 pm A Haunting in Venice (12A),

29th October: 3pm Bolan’s Shoes (15), 5 pm AngelHeaded Hipster (12), 7pm A Haunting in Venice (12A)

Coming Soon: The Creator, The Miracle Club …and more

Tickets from boxoffice@barntheatre.org.uk  01285 648255 or online   https://barntheatre.org.uk/barn-cinema           

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