How to Change Years of Habits in 21 Days-Elite Article IV

Working and living the ethos…

Carrie-Jean Mason has changed her mindset, her nutrition and her movement to transform her appearance…

Carrie began working at Elite in the office. But it wasn’t going to be about simply sitting down for 8 hours a day! Agreeing to take on the 21 Day Kick-Start Programme, everything was new for Carrie. As a girl, Carrie had found out she had allergies to bread and milk, but as she grew older, Carrie started to ignore this and found herself attracted to foods with these ingredients. Whilst consulting with Mac, it was pointed out to her that growing up doesn’t necessarily mean growing out of allergies. With that fresh emphasis on listening to your body, Carrie managed to eliminate these negative aspects of her diet.

The results caused Carrie to feel cleaner inside and out, and it wasn’t just a feeling. Following the 21 Day Programme she became leaner, lost weight and felt the change in her clothes being looser. All this, and Carrie had never exercised with a purpose. Adding 2-3 sessions a week, the results were quite strong and positive, however, it wasn’t plain sailing.

To achieve the best from your body, sometimes there is a price to pay. In Carrie’s case it was kicking caffeine, sugar and wheat all at once. This was a transition period where she felt the need to nap in the afternoon, and also experienced some headaches. The cravings were fierce, with desire for chocolate and other quick fixes constantly niggling.
Be patient and the results will show. Carrie’s transformation.
 In the end however, Carrie managed to complete the 21 days and also had the impulse to try it again. Her top food for the programme was crispy kale, where kale is baked in the oven with various flavours, and eaten like crisps, without the guilt. Persevering past her 6th week at Elite, Carrie lost a full stone and felt much less bloated than before.

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