Get Excited as Cotswold Open Studios: Hidden Treasures, Rolls Through June 29th-30th

The bus and many of the contributing artists…
Get the chance to see the art of Pirates of the Caribbean concept artist Darrell Warner plus visit Laurence Llwelyn-Bowen’s in action!

Runner up to the Chamber of Commerce Business awards “Creative Champion”, Tessa Webb is firmly ensconced in the local artistic community. And what a community it is, hidden away in the middle of nowhere, great things reside. Though no one would see Cirencester as an artistic hub, artists make themselves at home, perhaps because they deliberately want to avoid a clique or the illusion of stylistic walls that a scene would require.

Weaving them together and rounding up this herd of cats is Tessa Webb, founder of Creatives Into Business. Running courses such as Artists Into Business and Designers and Photographers into Business, her experience helps the core values of marketing calibrate to a multitude of businesses.

Hidden treasures is an accurate title for the tour of studios. Aided and abetted by a vintage bus “Old Babs” provided by Alexcars of Cirencester, those fortunate enough to have tickets can cruise to 18 locations over the weekend, with some locations having more than one display. Of course making your own way will be quite welcome, with 5 hubs in walking distance of the town centre, including the New Brewery Arts and Corinium Museum. The Museum will already have its doors opened to the Open Studios by the 22nd June.

Notable artists include Darrell Warner, who has been an influential concept artist for Warner Bros, having his sketches utilised for Pirates of the Caribbean and Captain America. Laurence Llwelyn-Bowen will be displaying in the centre of town at 21 Market Place. The classically trained artist is proficient in more than interior design, having said that, he is finding new success as Changing Rooms is now airing in China. Sophie Ryder, whose Hare and Minotaur work is well known on the Cheltenham Promenade, will be one of several artists displaying at the Wet Paint Gallery.

To find out more about the tour click here.

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