Corinium Paints: New Year New Products

We want you to feel prepared! As we enter the new year and get things in place to save us time and money across 2022, we thought it was only right to put things in place to let you know you are “buying right” at Corinium Paints! With this is mind we have a new and shiny account to offer those customers that are not necessarily painters and decorators by profession. We are very proud to offer our new DIY DISCOUNT ACCOUNT, with this account you are armed with your paintbrush in-hand to overcome those home improvements with confidence. We may not be able to tackle the job for you however we can certainly give you the advice and the products needed to take on any DIY tasks with the greatest success, on top of that with your DIY account you will be saving money on anything you may need from us.

With the rising costs of … well everything, we are working with the DIY’ers and tradespeople alike to save you money and know that we are ready and waiting to tackle any project at your side. With a DIY Account we have a record of the products that you are using at any given time, you are enrolled onto our email offers to ensure you are up to date with what money saving deals we may have, plus you will be receiving discounts across our complete range of decorative materials from paintbrushes to specialist paints! The DIY account setup process is extremely simple to complete and requires no minimum purchase value, we will also keep this account active no-matter your regularity of shopping with us, so effectively once it’s done it’s done!

The DIY Accounts are run slightly differently to the Credit based accounts as they are setup on a “Pay as you go” basis whilst receiving the discounted prices. These accounts are offered to people that find themselves fed up with the rising costs of goods across the nation and would like to know that they are working with a company that revolves around taking care of both new and returning customers alike. We believe that the best way to develop our relationship with customers is to grow a clear understanding of what they are up to at home and the DIY Account does exactly that. We are not only offering discounts across the shop but also the opportunity to be kept up to date with our offers and updates, this can prove to be very useful as we ensure the items on offer are always season related, so 9 times out of 10 you will be in the market for just those products.

We look forward to receiving your application and working with you in 2022!

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